Conference: Geopolitical and geoeconomic challenges in Europe and their potential implications in Latin America

There is a new advent of geopolitics and geoeconomics in Europe. The Brexit, the migration crisis, the Eurozone-crisis as well as the heated EU-Russia relations all are high on the political agenda in Europe and have far-reaching implications on other powerhouses and regions of the world, including Latin America. These events significantly reshaped party politics in the old continent, which was accompanied by the deeping internal division of the old continent.

The presentation will give an overview on the current challenges of the European Union in a global context and will analyse how recent geopolitical and geoeconomic tendencies influence doing business in Europe, as well as the business strategies of European companies overseas, especially in Latin America. Particular emphasis will be placed on the relationship between Latin America and the European Union, with focus on trade agreements, capital flows, development aid and migration.

Last but not least, the conference will deal with the Peru–EU relationships, identifying ways to further strengthen the existing political, economic and academic ties.

Conference in English without simultaneous interpreting.


Attila Kovacs
Graduate economist from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration (today Corvinus University of Budapest). He pursued his studies in the Netherlands on European Union and agribusiness and carried out research in Finland. He started his career in the public administration in Hungary, where he was in charge of the elaboration and implementation of EU-funded programs, mostly in the field of agricultural and rural development. Between 2011 and 2014, he mostly worked in Brussels, in the European Parliament among others. He also worked as an external researcher for the Centre for European Policy Studies. Since 2015 he has been a visiting lecturer at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City, where he teaches international business courses. His research field is the analysis of the legislation of the European Union, specifically the European Parliament. Recently, he has also published some analyses on Mexico and the countries of the Latin American region.

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